An Introduction

“You just don’t understand.”

A phrase often uttered by sports fans to judgmental, non-enthusiasts.  Sport plays a unique role in today’s society.  It is divisive, yet unifying.  It can serve as a source of hope and happiness, or it can be the origin of pain and sorrow.

For some individuals sports can be downright meaningless, and for others it can be life-revolving. This blog is for the latter.

Sports fans are different.  Our Sunday Clothes consist of our favorite player’s jersey,  a hat passed down from generation to generation, and a pair of tattered “lucky” underwear.  Our Place of Worship resides in brisk parking lots and packed stadiums.  Our Folklore consists of heroic tales of past champions, legendary coaches, and villainous rivals.

This idea of tribalism dates back centuries.  An adaptive human trait, tribalism allows one to reside in a community that offers togetherness, loyalty and social opportunities.  While these traits used to be found in religious and recreational events, today they undoubtedly occupy the realm of sports fandom.

The business of sports, particularly sports marketing and sports branding, inhabits the foundation of many of these concepts.  Consider the reasoning behind Raiders fans populating the Black Hole in demonic, intimidating attire.  Or why the University of Oregon’s football team has a different uniform every game, often resembling that of a Sharpie highlighter.  Or why the Los Angeles Lakers are always in the conversation for top free agents, regardless of their current standing.

Through this blog, I will:

  • Discuss current events in sports as it relates to the business, marketing and branding side of the industry.
  • Take a look into the past to provide interesting perspective and hindsight.
  • Initiate entertaining projects such as team re-branding, uniform redesigning, player campaigns and more.
  • Discuss my favorite and least favorite brands, uniforms, and organizations in sports.

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