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A Public Relations Evaluation of “WooderGate”

A fundamental element in operating a successful public relations department is having blueprints in place to respond to varying scenarios. This is especially important for a sports organization, as most sports entities are susceptible to higher amounts of public scrutiny and media coverage. Unfortunately for the Philadelphia 76ers, it is unlikely they had a plan… Continue reading A Public Relations Evaluation of “WooderGate”

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An Ideal Stanley Cup Final for the NHL

When considering optimal matchups for a championship settings, one must take into account several different elements. These elements include intriguing storylines, favorable market statistics and recognizable superstars. For the NHL, a Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Final seemingly checks all of the boxes. Storylines: One storyline that sells particularly well in American… Continue reading An Ideal Stanley Cup Final for the NHL

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Analytical Proof of “Man-alytics?”

Intro Sports enthusiasts often talk about the significant differences between regular-season and postseason play. Each sport has its own clichés regarding the important factors that are required to continuously emerge victorious in postseason action. Recently, Fox’s Colin Cowherd introduced the phrase “Man-alytics,” where he believes some of the advanced analytics utilized in the NBA become… Continue reading Analytical Proof of “Man-alytics?”