Uniforms of the Week: NFC East

Welcome to the first installment of Uniforms of the Week.

Ever wonder what your favorite NFL teams would look like in another sport? Yea, me neither.

Nonetheless, here is what the NFC East would look like if they played in the NBA.  Stay tuned for the NFC North next week.  If you have a PS4 and are interested in using these designs message me on Twitter.

Dallas Cowboys:

nba-2k17_20170527023448.jpghome gifaway gif


Philadelphia Eagles: 

nba-2k17_20170527024137.jpghome1 gifaway1 gif

NBA 2K17_20170527023831home2 gifaway2

New York Giants:

nba-2k17_20170527023335.jpghome1 gifaway1 gifnba-2k17_20170527023158.jpghome2 gifaway2 gif

Washington Redskins: 

NBA 2K17_20170527023604home 1 gifaway 1 gifaway2


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