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Making the Case “For” and “Against” Uniform Ads

The NBA announced the approval of an on-jersey advertising program in 2016.  This new reality came to fruition this summer, coinciding with the introduction of new Nike uniforms. Many sports fans voiced their displeasure with this idea, as the corporate world had seemingly taken another intrusive step into our sports sanctuary.  While the dust has… Continue reading Making the Case “For” and “Against” Uniform Ads

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LA Rams’ Astronomical Value Increase released its annual countdown of “The World’s 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams” on Wednesday. It is always intriguing to observe the continual growth in the industry of sports.  For instance, Jeffrey Lurie purchased the Philadelphia Eagles for $185 million in 1994, the most ever paid for a sports franchise.  The Eagles are now valued… Continue reading LA Rams’ Astronomical Value Increase
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The Seven-Game Season

A highly anticipated NBA Finals matchup is set to tip-off tonight after a dull, predictable season. Sure, Russell Westbrook aimlessly chasing Oscar Robertson’s triple-double record was a nice sideshow, as was James Harden’s rebirth at the point guard position, Joel Embiid’s brief stardom and Kawhi Leonard’s continued embodiment of “The Spurs Way.” Yet the participants… Continue reading The Seven-Game Season