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An Ideal Stanley Cup Final for the NHL

When considering optimal matchups for a championship settings, one must take into account several different elements. These elements include intriguing storylines, favorable market statistics and recognizable superstars. For the NHL, a Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Final seemingly checks all of the boxes. Storylines: One storyline that sells particularly well in American… Continue reading An Ideal Stanley Cup Final for the NHL

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#PhilaUnite: Marketing Brilliance

Sports talk radio, while not always an accurate depiction of a fanbase, often helps illustrate some of the division within a sports town. Debate is encouraged and sometimes created by radio personalities to ignite a more stimulating conversation. In sports-crazed markets like Philadelphia, where only callers with polarizing opinions are seemingly permitted on-air, these healthy… Continue reading #PhilaUnite: Marketing Brilliance

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An Evaluation of the Big Baller Brand

The NBA hosted its inaugural award show Monday night on national television. This pseudo-event rolled out the red carpet for past, present, and future NBA stars – as well as celebrities like Drake, Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz and many more.  Golden envelopes revealed some of the season’s biggest debates, including Rookie of the Year, Defensive… Continue reading An Evaluation of the Big Baller Brand