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Making the Case “For” and “Against” Uniform Ads

The NBA announced the approval of an on-jersey advertising program in 2016.  This new reality came to fruition this summer, coinciding with the introduction of new Nike uniforms. Many sports fans voiced their displeasure with this idea, as the corporate world had seemingly taken another intrusive step into our sports sanctuary.  While the dust has… Continue reading Making the Case “For” and “Against” Uniform Ads

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Redesigning the Eagles

In 1994, the Philadelphia Eagles were purchased by Jeffrey Lurie.  A season later, the Eagles redesigned, adopting a stereotypical 1990's look that coincided with the era's obsession with teal, and teal-like colors. The Eagles ditched Kelly Green from their color scheme, the organization's primary color for approximately 60 years, in favor of Midnight Green. Fast-forward… Continue reading Redesigning the Eagles

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An Evaluation of the Big Baller Brand

The NBA hosted its inaugural award show Monday night on national television. This pseudo-event rolled out the red carpet for past, present, and future NBA stars – as well as celebrities like Drake, Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz and many more.  Golden envelopes revealed some of the season’s biggest debates, including Rookie of the Year, Defensive… Continue reading An Evaluation of the Big Baller Brand